Comparing Bread Slicers

Bread fresh from the oven is a treat most people love. The smell and taste cannot be matched by any other homemade food, but there is one problem cooks encounter when they make this delicious treat. It's difficult to cut the bread so it doesn't smash and all of the pieces are even. Fortunately, companies recognized this was an issue and introduced Homemade Bread Slicers. However, these slicers are not all alike, and consumers need to realize this. What should a person be searching for when they go to purchase a device of this type?

Sturdy Construction

Once a family discovers the amazing taste of home-baked bread, they will want it frequently. Keep this in mind when selecting a bread slicer, as the device will be put to use regularly as a result. The slicer needs to hold up under this frequent use or the family will be disappointed when they cannot get their bread just the way they have come to expect it.

A Holder for the Bread

When the time comes to cut the bread, the slicer needs to have a way to hold the bread still. While this may seem to be the whole point of the slicer, certain inexpensive devices don't have this feature. Make certain the device selected will keep the bread in one place so the slices come out as expected.

Table Grips

Imagine going to slice bread only to have the slicer move all over the place. This does happen when the slicer does not come with table grips or is too lightweight. Keep this in mind when comparing the different options to find a slicer that remains in place throughout the cutting of the bread. This is important for more than one reason. When working with a knife, people wants to know they won't be cut because the slicer moved.

Adjustable Guides

People tend to have a preference when it comes to the thickness of their slice of bread. Some like thin slices, like sandwich bread purchased from a store, but others prefer a slice that is very thick and can be dipped into a sauce or gravy. Make certain the selected bread slicer offers a way to satisfy the different people who will be consuming the treat.

Dishwasher Safe

Because this device will be used so often, purchase one that can be washed in the dishwasher. If this isn't possible, make certain to wash the device immediately after use. This ensures it will hold up with time and frequent use.

A homemade bread slicer is a great device for any cook who makes this beloved treat. Purchase one for Mother's Day or simply buy one because it is so useful. Once the home has one, family members will never want to be without it again.